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New Blog, Who Dis?

You're engaged, now what? There's a ton of blogs out there for your wedding day style and finding "the dress", but what about all the steps along the way? As a newly engaged bride-to-be myself, I'm anxiously awaiting my wedding day. The countdown is on, but I'm also loving being engaged! Each event from engagement parties, showers, dress shopping, and engagement photos is a chance to live in the moment, enjoy each step of the way, and showcase my personal style.

Over the years my fashion sense has evolved, and throughout my engagement it has been so fun to try new things and figure out my bridal style. My hope for Tie The Knot In Style is that it becomes a community for brides-to-be to connect, share, and get ideas for how to style all of the events between "yes" and "I do!"

Here at Tie The Knot In Style you'll not only find my blog (with outfit inspiration and tips!), but you'll also become part of a community to ask questions, share ideas, and highlight your own experiences. Join the community and tie the knot... in style.

Photo Credit: Emily Boone Photography


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