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Tip Tuesday: Table Design!

Last weekend we got to visit our design warehouse and style our table settings. We're not working with a wedding planner (though we do have awesome day-of coordinators) so we got to pick out everything we wanted. The catering vendor we're working with partners with a design studio for table decor rentals so we were able to see real samples of linens, plates, glassware, table runners, and even silverware. I had a pretty strong vision for what I wanted and enjoyed getting to mix and match colors, patterns, and metals to make my vision come to life. Today on the blog I’m sharing a few tips I learned to make sure your table decor is just as styled as you are on your big day!

  • Do your research: This is always the best place to start. If you don't have a strong vision going in, spend some time thinking about your overall theme or color scheme and looking at photos. Don't feel the pressure to select exactly what you want from Pinterest, but find a general idea of what you like. Be sure to look at the vendor's website and general price range too!

  • Figure out what you need: Are you working with a planner who has made most of the decisions for you, or are you selecting it all yourself? Make list of what you need to look for. For us, we needed to select linens, runners, flatware, glassware, and all of our table settings. You might be given more or less options, so make sure that you know what you need going in.

  • Review the quote in detail: If you’re going to pick out table settings hopefully you’ve already had conversations about what’s included and what isn’t. If you've been given a quote, make sure you know what you’ve been quoted. Oftentimes quotes for linens and flatware are based on the most basic option. Make sure you go into your meeting with an understanding of exactly what you want, exactly what you need, and what upgrades might cost you a little extra.

  • Consider cost: Be realistic about your budget. Will you really look back and remember the silverware you chose and weather or not you splurged for the glasses that were $2 more expensive per person? There are often a lot of different options available that might not be on the showroom floor, so before agreeing to an upgrade, make sure to ask.

  • Think about your seating arrangements: You likely won't know your exact headcount or table arrangement just yet, but you want to have a general idea. Have a general idea of if your tables will be round, square, or rectangular, and what type of extra tables you'll have such as a buffet, guestbook, cake table, or sweetheart/head table.

  • Bring your inspiration: If you spent a lot of time researching, bring your notes, photos, or even your Pinterest board so you can compare different ideas in person.

  • Visualize Your Venue: As you're selecting different options, keep your decor arrangements in mind. You might want flowers, table numbers, photo frames or a unique centerpiece idea that should be considered as you're looking at your table design. Consider colors too! Make sure you know whether you want everything to match, coordinate, or subtly compliment the look and feel of your venue.

  • Dress up the head table: If cost is a major factor, a great tip is to dress up the only the head table. Your wedding is your day, so don't be afraid to give your table a little boost!

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Disclaimer: No items featured in this post are part of a paid sponsorship. However, affiliate links are included in this post. It means so much to me when you love the looks I share, and sincerely appreciate when you use my links! xoxo

*I couldn't find my exact booties, so I've linked a similar pair.

Are you designing your wedding or working with a wedding planner? What tips have you found along the way?


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