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Tip Tuesday: Styling The Groomsmen

We often put a lot of emphasis on the bride and bridesmaids throughout the wedding planning process, but let's not forget about the boys! Whether you're a hands-on bride supporting your men, or letting them make their own fashion decisions, it can be hard to narrow down which style "suits" your group of men the best. Once you've nailed down your wedding theme and determined the look you'd like your groomsmen to go for, the options may feel endless.

To navigate the world of mens' fashion, I enlisted the help of a very special guest blogger, my fiancé Ryan. Today he's sharing a few of his top tips for styling the groomsmen.

Top 5 Tips for Styling the Groomsmen, by Ryan

  • Coordinate with the bridesmaids: You don't have to match the bridesmaids exactly, but you want to make sure you coordinate. Be sure to keep the girls' dresses in mind while selecting the groomsman color schemes! It could be something as simple as a matching pocket square or socks.

  • Find the perfect cut: Gone are the days of loose fitting suits bought off the rack. A well-tailored suit is the center of style today. Even if you're just needing minor adjustments, be sure to take the suit in and get it tailored for the perfect, fitted look.

  • Accessories: The boys have a chance here to look as polished as possible by paying close attention to accessories. These could include monogramed cufflinks or tie clips and stylized socks or pocket square to add a sense of individuality to each groomsman.

  • A touch of Leather: Belts and shoes are an important piece of the mens' wardrobe that brings it all together. A good rule of thumb is to first make sure the color of belt meshes well with the fabric color. Then match the shoes to your belt.

  • Tie it all together: Neckties are a great way to add a subtle touch of the wedding style to the mens' wardrobe. There are lots of factors to consider such as bowtie or necktie, slim or wide, and solid or patterned. The important thing is that's not too out there and it matches with the theme of the wedding. It is meant to be recognizable yet forgettable.

Any tips you'd add to this list? Send us a message and let us know! You can shop Ryan's look through my page!


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