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Tip Tuesday: Postponing Your Wedding

It's no secret that the world we're living in has changed and it's affecting us all in so many different ways. We're all feeling the weight of uncertainty in more ways than one, and thinking about looking at postponing your wedding makes this time feel even worse. For most brides, we've been planning this day for months or years, and it's heartbreaking to consider pushing it back. Ultimately every couple needs to make the best decision for themselves, but even knowing it's the right thing to do for you doesn't make rescheduling any easier.

If you're ready to pull the trigger and change your wedding date, here are a few tips to help you navigate the process of postponing your wedding:

  • Let yourself be sad: There is absolutely room to feel sad about the events you've had to cancel or postpone, while also having compassion for the gravity of the situation going on in the world. You don't have to choose between the two. You've been planning your dream day for a long time, it's okay to let yourself be sad.

  • Family First: Before officially changing your date, touch base with your family. Make sure that all of your loved ones, and those closest to you are on board and available for your new date.

  • Call your vendors: Give each of your vendors a call and inquire about potential dates. If you don't have too many different vendors, loop everyone together in an email chain and find a date that works for everyone. During this time, vendors have been extremely flexible with honoring rates and deposits, but make sure you ask about the financial implications of choosing a new date. Don't forget your room blocks and other wedding-event venues too!

  • Create "Change the Dates": Make yourself some "Change the Dates." Use the same photo, take new ones, or find the perfect photo in your camera roll. Don't be afraid to add a little humor and acknowledge the situation. (Pro-tip: It's probably not a great look to use a photo with a surgical mask, so you may want to go ahead and skip that one).

  • Update your Invite: Even if you don't want to print and send new invitations, contact the vendor who created your invitations and ask about an update. Print at least one copy for you and your fiancé to keep as a memento.

  • Don't forget your website: Use your website as a way to explain details of your new date to your guests. This will help you field questions from guests without having to repeat the same conversation multiple times.

  • Enlist help: Identify a bridesmaid or family member to take the reins or help you announce the change.

  • Make the announcement: Mail your new invites or hit send on your virtual "Change the Dates" and make it official. Once you make the announcement, don't second guess yourself and move full steam ahead.

  • Don't forget the details: If you're postponing your wedding, that means it was fairly soon and you likely had a lot of details ready to go. Make sure your original date isn't printed on various items and request updates if needed. Details you may forget include decor, photo frames, or even your guest book.

  • Honor your original date: If your original date was particularly meaningful, find a way to honor it. Plan a special date night to recognize the importance of that day. Many couples have even been opting for a courthouse ceremony on the original date and then planning to host a reception on the new date. Each couple's experience is unique, so do what's best for you!

  • Get excited about your new date: It may take a little while to wrap your head around your new date, especially if you had to bump it significantly later. Recharge your wedding experience and get excited about the new date. Take new engagement photos, re-plan your missed wedding events, and give yourself something to celebrate!

If you've already postponed, what other tips do you have? Sending positive thoughts to all brides out there going through this difficult time. You're not alone. xo.


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