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Tip Tuesday: Planning Your Engagement Photos

Looking for tips on rocking your engagement photos? Look no further! Today we're rounding up some of our favorite tips to make your engagement photos everything you've been dreaming of since the day you said "yes!"

  • Be choosy with your photographer: Find someone who you really connect with and can help you capture not only the beautiful moments, but the silly ones too!

  • Find your vibe: Figure out what vibe you're looking for. Do you want your photos to look casual, fancy, or somewhere in the middle? Typically photographers allow two different outfit changes, so decide if you want two drastically different looks or have a similar feel for both.

  • Make it YOU: The whole point of engagement photos is to capture the love between you and your fiancé, so make sure you feel like you in the photos. It's easy to get caught up in a fancy venue, new clothes or getting your hair and makeup done, so as you're making plans, make sure you're staying true to you! Incorporate spots our outfits that make you and your fiancé feel like yourselves, such as a favorite date spot or wearing apparel from your favorite school or sports team.

  • Coordinate: Find complementary color schemes without being too matchy-matchy. For more ideas on coordinating, check one of our posts, Tip Tuesday: Family Fashion, for more specific tips on ways to coordinate!

  • Avoid prints: While prints may look gorgeous in person, they don't always show up the same on film. If you insist on incorporating a pattern, make sure it's large or bold enough to show up in your pictures.

  • Find something that flows: Want a romantic vibe? Find something flowy! A long skirt or maxi dress are perfect for nailing those gorgeous "just got caught in a breeze" moments.

  • Contrast your background: Consider your surroundings and find ways to make your colors pop. If you're getting your photos taken in a lush, green garden, avoid green tones and stick to more neutral or pink looks to set yourself apart. Doing them inside in a more neutral space? Select a bright, vibrant color to really stand out.

  • Don't get too trendy: If you tend to lean into new fashion trends, you may want to think twice. You're likely to have these photos a really long long time, so make sure the outfits you chose are timeless, and won't look dated when you look back in 50 years.

  • Dress for the weather: Getting photos taken in the dead of winter? Make sure to dress the part! If you select something without sleeves or leave your legs bare, you most definitely won't feel comfortable, which willl show in your photos. Click here for ideas on dressing for the winter weather.

  • Get a manicure: This tip isn't exactly about your outfit choice, but make sure you get those nails done! Select a neutral color that coordinates with both of your outfit choices so your nails will look perfect for all of those up close ring shots.

  • Wash, steam, and iron! You've likely spent a long time planning out these photos, so make sure you look your absolute best. Make sure your outfits are washed and steamed or ironed if needed to avoid wrinkles that Photoshop just can't erase.

  • Think about your Save The Dates: For most couples, engagement photos are the first (or only) professional photos they will have, and will likely be the photos that are used for Save The Dates. Keep this in mind as you're selecting outfits and talk with your photographer about poses that might be great to use.

  • Incorporate props!: Your outfits don't have to be the only focus of your photos. Think about fun ways to involve props, such as signs, banners, champagne, or even your furry friends.

If you try out these tips, share your photos. I’d love to see them!


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