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Tip Tuesday: Party Favors!

Whether you're thinking about favors for your wedding, shower, or even an engagement party, this is the post for you! There are so many decisions to make regarding which favors you should choose, or if you should even do favors at all. Today I'm sharing a few tips for different favor options to consider as you start your planning process. Did you provide favors for your wedding or events? Once you check out the tips, send a DM or let me know in the comments which option is your favorite!

  • Practical: Who doesn't love a practical gift? Give your guests something they can use again, such as personalized water, next morning kits, chapstick, or fans. Not only are these gifts cute, but they will actually be functional on your big day!

  • Environmentally Friendly: Be a friend to the environment and add a little greenery to your favors. Small plants, succulents, and flowers make for great gifts. Your guests can re-pot them or display them in their homes and remember your wedding for months or years to come!

  • Wedding Decor: Check off two parts of your to do list at once by selecting wedding decor that doubles as party favors. A few of our favorite ideas include centerpieces, personalized place cards, or personalized cups!

  • Food: Whether your guests prefer salty or sweet, snacks are a great option for wedding favors. Personalized candy bars, nut mixes, candy jars, cookies, popcorn, jams, cupcakes, or homemade family recipes make for perfect favors!

  • Make a donation: If we do favors at all we will seriously consider the option of making a donation in honor of our wedding. We have a few organizations that are near and dear to our hearts, and would love to recognize them as part of our big day. If you choose to go this route, make sure to do your research if you're selecting an organization you haven't worked with before. Make sure they are credible and you know exactly where your money will go.

  • No favors at all! It''s 2020 now, and so many traditional "rules" are out the window. Favors not your thing or trying to save little on your wedding budget? No problem! Nobody will remember your favors anyway, so spend little extra on the parts of your wedding that you're most excited about and that your guests are likely to remember the most.

Here's some inspiration from Wedding Favorites, one of my favorite online retailers for favors, party supplies, and wedding related gifts. [Click the pics to shop]

This post is in not sponsored by Wedding Favorites. They have super cute stuff and you should totally check them out if you haven't already!


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