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Tip Tuesday: Mask Up!

It's pretty clear by now masks aren't going anywhere. Not only are they recommended by the CDC as an effective way to slow the spread of COVID-19, they are also currently mandated by many cities and states. Masks should of course be seen as more than an accessory, but while we're all doing our part and masking up we might as well get to choose pretty ones, right?

If you're a bride-to-be, it's safe to say you've been pretty impacted by COVID-19 at this point. If you're in the process of postponing and need some tips, check out my post, Tip Tuesday: Postponing Your Wedding! Since big weddings are out of the question right now, many brides (myself included) are opting to have a smaller, intimate ceremony now and a bigger celebration when it's safe to do so. If you're choosing to move forward with something small, a fun way to stay safe and fashionable is to opt for a bridal themed mask. Not only is a bridal mask a great option for your actual wedding ceremony, but there are a few events along the way where masks are a still a must. You'll want to feel like the bride at all of your pre-wedding beauty appointments (where allowed and safe to do so), bridal showers, dress fittings, final meetings with vendors, last minute wedding errands, and even making the trip to pick up your wedding license. Since you're wearing a mask anyway, why not opt for a stylish, bridal option!

Get The Look:

My friends at Aletta Bridal were kind enough to gift me a beautiful bridal mask. They have great options for brides, couples, and bridesmaids. They even offer custom bridal masks upon request! Bonus tip, if your dress needs significant alterations, ask your seamstress to save some of the fabric to create a one-of-a-kind mask that matches your dress perfectly!

Featured Boutiques and Retailers: Aletta Bridal, David's Bridal, and various Etsy Shops.

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are included in this post through my It means so much to me when you love the looks I share, and sincerely appreciate when you use my links! xoxo


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