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Tip Tuesday: Managing Thank You Notes

We all want to say thank you for the generosity of our family and friends, but managing and keeping up with thank you notes can sometimes feel like a daunting task. The closer your wedding day gets, the more gifts will likely start rolling in. You'll want to make sure to send out a thank you note for each gift you received, so it's super important to get organized early so you don't let your thank you to do list get too long. I've put together my top tips for ways to stay on top of your thank you notes to help simplify the process as much as possible!

  • Write them: This tip seems rather obvious, but always write a thank you note! Nobody has to buy you a gift, so the least you can do is send a note to say thank you. In your note, reference the gift and a thoughtful note about how you plan to use the item.

  • Find a system: Create a notebook or Word document to keep track of your thank you notes. If you have an organized place or a pretty notebook it will help keep all of your notes the same place.

  • Categorize: Make sections in your notebook or document dedicated to various wedding events. Include headers for each event, such as bridal showers, bachelorette, and wedding. Some guests may get gifts for multiple events, so it will help you out to have it broken down by category.

  • Make a checklist: Put together a checklist system so you don't have to guess who got what and whether or not you sent a thank you. This will help keep you on track and organized.

  • Stockpile: Make sure you have all the supplies you need! Get a stack of stamps and a variety of Thank You cards so you're ready to go once the gifts start arriving.

  • Customize: A newer trend lately has been ordering postcards or greeting-card style thank you that you can personalize with your own photos or other images. Check out Minted to make it even easier to upload your own address list!

  • Don't wait! Though typical wedding etiquette says you have 6 months to send a thank you note, aim to get them out earlier. Don't wait to do all of your thank you notes at once either. If you do them as they come in it will be much easier to manage and it will decrease your odds of forgetting anyone.

  • Reach out if there's no name: While it may feel tacky to post on social about an item you received that didn't have a name, there's no harm in doing so if your intentions are clear. Post a photo or description of the item and let your friends know you'd like to know who sent it so you can properly thank them.

  • Cross-reference your registry: If you get a gift that you registered for, do a quick check to see if it was purchased directly from your registry. If it wasn't, make sure you remove the item from your registry so you don't get duplicates.

What other tips do you have to add to the list?


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