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Tip Tuesday: Hostess Gifts

Are you wondering about the proper etiquette to thank friends or family who have been kind enough to host a shower or party in your honor? Alongside a thoughtful hand written card it's customary to get your hostess(es) a small token of your appreciation. One of my favorite stores, Anthropologie is the perfect place to find unique hostess gifts. They carry a variety of items, such as clothing, accessories, and home goods, which makes it the perfect stop to curate a special thank you gift. Their collection looks more unique, and often feels more personal than items I could find at multiple retailers. Read on to check out my favorite hostess gift options from Anthropologie!

  • Candles: My favorite candle of all time is the Capri Blue candles. Not only do they smell incredible, but they are super cute, too! (Top pick: Capri Blue | $32-$98)

  • Drinkware: Anthropologie caries a wide variety of unique stemware that would be a great addition to anyone's minibar. (Top pick: Santa Flute | $16 each)

  • Vases: Flowers are are always a thoughtful gift, so consider buying a bouquet and presenting them in a gorgeous vase. (Top pick: Thada Vase |$34)

  • Personalized Coasters: Another great personalized option are custom coasters. Not only are the a functional gift, but also a fashionable addition to any endurable or bar cart! (Top Pick: Marina Monogram Coasters | $14 each)

Featured retailer: Anthropologie. Disclaimer: Affiliate links are included in this post through my It means so much to me when you love the looks I share, and sincerely appreciate when you use my links! xoxo


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