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Tip Tuesday: Family Fashion

Christmas is almost here, which likely means you’ll be spending a lot of time with family. Between traditions and opening presents, find time to talk about your upcoming wedding events. This is a great opportunity to plan out ways to coordinate looks so that everyone can feel comfortable. Here are a few tips for coordinating outfits to make sure everyone in the family looks their best. While you’ll want to change the elegance of your outfit depending on the occasion, use these tips for every event from engagement parties, showers, bridesmaids dresses, or even your wedding day!

  • All White: Take a tip from the Royal Family and have everyone dress in white. Although this is traditionally mostly seen across the pond, you’ll all look crisp and sophisticated in your wedding whites.

  • Matchy Matchy: Choose one color for the whole family. You can make this look more uniform by all wearing outfits in the exact same length, cut, or silhouette, or allow for more variation by choosing different styles in the same color.

  • Different Shades: Not into twinning? Choose one color and allow for a little variation. Each member of the family will be able to showcase their unique style, while still looking like part of the famjly.

  • Color Families: This option allows for even more variation. Chose a color family and let everyone select the outfit that suits them best.

  • Find a Theme: Choose a central theme and let everyone do their own thing. Try themes like vibrant neons, black/white, neutrals, or pastels that will tie everyone together.

  • Patterns: There's no need to stick to solids! Find patterns with similar color schemes or themes to coordinate in a more subtle way.

Check out this navy and gold theme for some inspiration!

How have you coordinated with your family at your wedding events? Give us the details below!


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