Tip Tuesday: Don't rule out your closet!

If you're like me, you have a lot of pressure to look your best at every bridal function, which often leads to buying something new. While it's definitely fun to splurge on a few new looks, there's also no harm in being an outfit repeater. There's likely lots of things you don't even remember that you have that would be perfect for the occasion! Here's 5 quick tips for giving your closet a second look.

  • Styles always cycle: Check for looks that may have gone out of style, but are on their way back. Retro and vintage finds are all the rage, so double check to make sure you haven't stashed something in the very back that would be work perfectly.

  • Mix & Match: Have something you absolutely love but wear too often for it to feel perfect for that special occasion? Think about how you can pair old favorites with something new to give the outfit a fresh look!

  • Think about what you've been photographed in: This one sounds a little vain, but admit it, we've all thought it. Maybe you have a favorite dress that you've already worn a few times to major functions, but don't have any great photos or posts to social media to prove it. Wear that dress again guilt-free because nobody will even remember.

  • Utilize your accessories: Not into anything in your closet? You can still use your favorite accessories! There's no need to buy an entire new outfit, find ways to incorporate shoes, belts, or jewelry that you already have into your ensembles.

  • Borrow!: Before taking a trip to Nordstrom, talk to your girls and see if they have anything perfect for the occasion. They will be more than happy to be your stylists and likely have lots of (free!) options for you to choose from.