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Tip Tuesday: Date Nights at Home

Scheduling regular date nights is a great way for couples to connect, strengthen their relationship, discover new interests, and have fun together. With so many cities around the world issuing stay in place orders, most of us have a lot of extra time on our hands, and a whole lot less places to go. My fiancé and I have been missing our date nights, so we've been trying to get creative with ways to have fun right here at home. We've loved trying out new ideas, mixing it up, and even calling up friends and family to join in too! Stay-at-home dates may not be the same as the events you originally had planned (and might feel just a little bit corny), but keep an open mind and try to have a little fun with it!

Here's a few ideas for the perfect quarantined date night:

  • Movie Marathon: Set up your own movie marathon at home. Select a genre, series, or just a lineup of your favorite shows. (Supplies recommendations: sleeping bag/blow up mattress, variety of movie-themed snacks, and your favorite series! Bonus recommendation: invest in a projector!)

  • Camping: You don't necessarily need a campground to feel like you're roughing it! If you have a backyard, set up your own campground. If you don't have a backyard, or you're faced with a rainy weekend, turn your campout into a glampout right in your living room! (Supplies recommendations: tent, sleeping bag/blow up mattress, boardgames, s'mores, and a fire pit. Netflix even has a fireplace setting if you don't have one of your own!)

  • Game Night: Challenge your partner to a game night. If you're feeling competitive, make a score sheet, create rounds, and select prize for the winner. You can even call up a few of your favorite couples for virtual game night over your favorite video platform. (Game recommendations: Scrabble, What Do You Meme?, cards, Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity, Charades, puzzles, or classic board games.)

  • Home Chef: Skip the takeout and gather supplies to create your own gourmet meal at home. Take it to the next level by selecting an overall theme and pair your meal with themed decor, drinks and dessert too! (Theme ideas: make your own pizzas, Tex Mex, Italian, backyard barbecue, sushi, or a picnic).

  • Ask Alexa!: Don't have any board games at home? Ask Alexa! The Amazon Alexa has tons of games that are perfect for a virtual game night. Just say, "Hey Alexa, let's play...." (Game Recommendations: 20 Questions, Lovers Lane, Couples Trivia, Newlywed Game, Wedding Countdown, Song Quiz, Jeopardy, Deal or No Deal, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, Would You Rather, and Mighty Trivia.) Don't have an Alexa? Google has some great games too!

  • Dress Up Dinner Date: I don't know about you, but we've been spending most of our days lounging in our cozies. Mix things up by having a dress up dinner. Spend some time getting ready, throw on a pretty dress, order takeout, and set the stage for a fancy dinner for two.

  • Dance Party: Turn on some tunes an have a dance party! Use this opportunity to learn a new dance style or routine. (Recommendations: Texas two-stepping, classic ballroom, or even make a TikTok!)

  • Wine Tasting: Host a wine tour right in your living room, no DD required! Open a few bottles of wine and try a blind tasting to select your favorite.

  • Mini-Golf: Create a mini-golf course around your house using plastic drinking glasses. Tip them on their side, grab a ball and club, and try out your most creative putts!

  • Take a vacation: Did quarantine ruin your vacation plans? Stream some of your favorite vacation photos on your TV and reminisce on some of your favorite memories. Feeling extra creative? Pack a mini weekender bag, set up some themed decor or music, and recreate your favorite trips.

  • Minute-to-Win-it Olympics: This is another great date night idea that you can do with just you two, or include friends! Call up your favorite couples on Zoom, create a score sheet, and start the competition. If you're playing with other couples, get a little extra by choosing team names or colors and rock some team spirit! (Game Ideas: Over 200+ Minute-to-Win-it games HERE!)

  • Cocktail Challenge: Collect some cocktail supplies and challenge your partner to a cocktail challenge. Set a timer and get to work creating your most creative cocktail.

  • Breakfast in Bed: This one is a classic. Gather an assortment of your favorite breakfast treats, pour coffee or mimosas, and spent the morning cozied up in bed.

  • Happy Holidays!: Ever heard of Christmas in July? Why not try out Christmas in Quarantine! Get into the holiday spirit and throw up some Christmas, Halloween, or even 4th of July decor to have a mini-celebration at home.

  • Spa Night: Quarantine can be stressful. Get some face masks, light a few candles, and pamper yourselves! (Supplies recommendations: Face masks, scented lotion, candles, and spa music)

  • Vegas Casino Night: Break out the sequins and Viva Las Vegas! Set up a mini casino in your living room and get to gambling. No poker chips? No problem! Find something creative around the house to use instead. If you don't want to play for money, think of unique ideas to wager on, like dishes or laundry for a week! (Game recommendations: Poker, Black Jack, Roulette and Craps. Need supplies? Check out this 4-in-1 casino game set from Amazon!)

What other stay at home ideas do you have?


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