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Tip Tuesday: Creating the Perfect Mood Board

When you're just starting the wedding planning process, your options can feel endless. There are so many different wedding themes that it's hard to know where to start. A great tip to help you start your process is to create a mood board to test out different color schemes. Check out a few of my top tips for creating the perfect wedding mood board:

  • Get inspired: Start checking out magazines, Pinterest, Instagram/Facebook, and Blogs for inspiration! If you like something you see, take a screenshot so you'll remember.

  • Select a theme: Once you (& your fiancé) have done a little research, nail down a theme you love! You might even want to give your theme a name so you can start bringing it to life.

  • Make your board: Now is the time to figure out what you want your board to look like. Get creative! Mood boards can be created any way you want- through magazine cutouts, mixed media to include flowers or fabric swatches, or electronic through photos or videos. The goal is to recreate your favorite looks to inspire you throughout the planning process, so select the type of board that fits you best.

  • It's okay to have multiple: If you're having trouble nailing down a theme, that's okay! Make yourself a few different mood boards and give yourself options. Don't feel the pressure to select one over the other until you've had a few days or weeks to think it over.

  • Make it digital: Creating photo albums and apps are the easiest way to store your vision digitally. If you want to get digital, there are lots of app options available for various skill levels. I used the app, "Layout" to make the pictures above and the boards from my post today, which is a great free option! It was easy to use and allowed me to move around or resize photos as needed. The one drawback is that it doesn't save photos to revisit later, so you'll wait to do a little investigating before settling on an app- especially if you're going to buy it!

  • Use your phone: To help keep you organized, you can make subfolders on your phone to store all of your inspiration. If you're having trouble selecting just one theme you can even put your photos into categories. iPhones even have the option to hide photos. If you're saving details that you don't want your fiancé to see until the big day, you can move all of those photos to your hidden folder.

  • Make it multicolor: Don't feel the pressure to select just one color. Mood boards are all about you, so pick the color scheme YOU like best. Think about different types of multicolor looks such as pastels, bold, vibrant colors, or even coordinated neons!

  • Keep changing: Just because you've nailed down a few pictures or items you love, don't stop there! Keep mixing up your ideas and adding new inspiration along the way.

  • Add accessories: Don't just stick to flowers & fabrics. Be sure to include the little details too, such as accessories, shoes, invitation suite, drinks, desserts, or other thoughtful details that you might want to include in your big day.

  • Share: Be sure to share your mood board with anyone who is a part of your wedding planning process: florist, wedding planner, caterer, venue coordinator, and even bridesmaids! Sharing your vision will give everyone a clear idea of what you want the day and decor to look like. It will also give them some guidelines to go off of while putting together your dream day.

Have you made a wedding mood board? If so, post it on social media with the hashtag #TieTheKnotInStyle or send me a DM, I'd love to see it! xo


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