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Tip Tuesday: Break the (Fashion) Rules

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that life is unpredictable and doesn't always go as planned. It's also given us the opportunity to reevaluate our lives and consider what's most important. As this relates to wedding planning, it's given couples around the world the opportunity to really focus on what's most important- each other- and what they truly want out of their dream day. Elopements and smaller ceremonies are becoming increasingly more common, as are unique ways to tie the knot, aligned more with the couple's individual relationship and style, rather than tradition. As wedding season slowly starts to come back in the coming months, we're going to see a lot more "rule breaking" and brides that are incorporating more of what they truly want. We've waited this long and endured a global pandemic, it's safe to say that at this point, anything goes.

Today I'm breaking down 5 common wedding fashion "rules" that are totally worth breaking!

  • The Bride Must Wear White: Back in the day, it was unheard of to wear a dress that wasn't pure white. Now, we're seeing an emerging trend of gorgeous off-white or blush looks. But why stop there? Choose a dress in the color you look best in, even if it's emerald green or bright blue!

  • The Bride Has to Wear a Dress: Jumpsuits are here to stay. If you're an untraditional bride, consider rocking a jumpsuit. A gorgeous, fitted jumpsuit can look glamorous as a long flowing gown. You do you!

  • Bridesmaids Must Match: Gone are the days of the bridesmaids wearing duplicates of the same dress. While it's still very much on-trend, mix and match looks in the same color family, or even in coordinating colors or patterns are on the rise.

  • You Should Wear a Veil: Nope! With the increasing popularity of bohemian and whimsical weddings, we're seeing more veil-less wedding looks. Consider a flower crown, braided hairdo, or even just a simple accessory like a flower or embellished pin.

  • You Have to Wear Heels: Not anymore! Not excited about standing all day in sky-high heels? Don't! Find the footwear that suits you best, whether it's stylish flats, cowboy boots, Converse, or even a pair of crisp white Jordan's.

Which of these "rules" would you break? Any others to add to the list?


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