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Tie The Knot In Kendra Scott: My Bridesmaid Proposal

I've been a huge fan of Kendra Scott for years, so when it was time to start thinking about bridal accessories, there was really no other choice. When we got engaged, one of the very first things we thought about was who we wanted in our wedding party. For me, this was a very easy decision. I have the most incredible sister and group of girlfriends from all different parts of my life, and I couldn't wait to ask them to stand by my side on my wedding day. Traditionally, the bride gives her bridesmaids jewelry to wear on the day of the wedding; usually at the rehearsal dinner or a bridesmaid luncheon closer to the wedding. I had such a strong vision of what I wanted that I was too excited and just couldn't wait.

Here are the details of my Pinterest-inspired bridesmaid proposal:

  • Step 1: Come up with an idea! I did a little brainstorming on the perfect way to ask my bridesmaids. I knew right away that I wanted my bridesmaid to wear Kendra Scott earrings at the wedding, so I needed to find the perfect way to present them. After browsing Pinterest I saw a lot of the same ideas: champagne, monogrammed accessories, spa baskets, etc., so I wanted to make mine unique. I came across one photo with the most beautiful box featuring a bridesmaid embroidered robe, accented with a small succulent. The succulent was such a cute and unique idea, that I knew immediately I wanted to incorporate this into my bridesmaid proposal.

  • Step 2: Make it punny. All of my friends know that I love a good pun, so this was a great way to make the gifts feel like "me." I quickly settled on the perfect tagline: "Our wedding would succ without you."

  • Step 3: Get shopping! This was the fun part. My first stop was a local succulent shop to get inspired. Shout out to my fiance for fully supporting this idea and identifying the perfect succulents! I ended up getting mini-succulents and had them displayed in small pink vases. My last stop was Kendra Scott. Luckily I had a solid vision going in, because there were SO. MANY. OPTIONS. Again, shout out to my fiance for supporting all of my ideas and giving his opinion on which earring styles he liked best. I settled on three different shapes in ivory mother of pearl in gold settings. I love the mix-and-match bridesmaid look, so I took the time to think about which of my girls would prefer which style best. Each pair came in the signature Kendra Scott yellow box, which I used as inspiration for the perfect idea to tie everything together.

[Click the pics shop]

  • Step 4: Get Crafty: I wanted to find the perfect card, but after browsing a ton of pre-made options I decided to try and design something myself. I found a shop on Etsy that crafted succulent graphics and bought a downloaded file. Then, I used Canva to personalize the front of each card, and create themed stickers for the boxes. Once I sufficiently annoyed the very helpful Office Max design specialist, I had the cards printed and cut. Not surprisingly, the hardest part of this process was finding the perfect words to express how much my sister and girlfriends mean to me. I personalized each card with heartfelt words of how special their friendship has been to me, and why I would love them to be a part of our wedding.

  • Step 6: Pop the question. Since my bride tribe is made up of girls from all different states, most of my gifts had to be mailed. I was able to ask two of my bridesmaids in person over cocktails (and mocktails for the one who is a momma-to-be), which was so special. I loved being able to ask them in person, see their reaction, and show them how much they truly mean to me.

Hit the comments or send a DM to share your bridesmaid proposal!


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