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Our Love Story

In the spirit of Valentine's Day I wanted to get a little more personal with all of you. I'm a sucker for a good love story and get so excited each time I'm asked about how I met my fiancé.

It all started one Friday night in 2017. My fiancé was living in North Carolina and I was living in Texas. One of his old coworkers was getting married in a small town nearby so he flew in and stayed with one of his good friends for the weekend. After attending the rehearsal dinner he wanted to hit the town, so his friend, who happened to be a mutual friend of mine, texted me to see if I would go meet up with him. Of course, as all good love stories go, I said "No. That's weird." However, after a little convincing I got ready and set out to meet a perfect stranger.

When I met him, we hit it off immediately. After a great night out on the town, he ended up inviting me to join him at the wedding the next day. I agreed. From there, we spent every few weeks for the next year and a half traveling to see each other, and exploring different cities together. Eventually, he made the move to Texas.

For my birthday last year he surprised me with a weekend getaway to a dude ranch. We spent the weekend exploring the country, topped off by an early morning trail ride. Towards the end of the trail ride, we stopped at a beautiful clearing, overlooking the entire ranch. The guide said that one of our horses was hurt and had to be taken back to the barn. Worried, I quickly got off of my horse and agreed to walk back to the barn. We stayed in the clearing for a few moments, and once the guide and the horses were out of sight, he proposed. After immediately saying "Yes, I will!", I asked if the horse was really hurt. Turns out, he had pre-planned the whole thing and the horse was just fine.

Every love story is beautiful and I'd love to hear yours! Send us a message or comment below with your proposal story!


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