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It's like rain on your wedding day...

“Feels like some kind of ride, but it’s turning out just to be life going absolutely perfectly.” - Brian Andreas

This has always been one of my favorite quotes and it truly sums up this season of my life. I’ve always felt connected to that saying, and now it’s taken on a whole new meaning. This has been such a wild ride, but it’s been so beautiful to find peace in knowing we’re right where we’re supposed to be.

As many of you can relate to, I have been counting down the days to our wedding since the day we officially selected our date. Since we had to postpone our wedding, I've been feeling so many emotions. As our original date came closer I wasn't sure how I would feel and felt a rollercoaster of emotions the days leading up to it. We're getting married in Texas, which is starting to open up, so it made it a little bittersweet as we started to see our city cautiously reopen, knowing that we still wouldn't be getting married as planned.

I didn't want to celebrate our day, but I did want to find a way to honor it. It wasn't what we originally planned, but this whole adventure is now part of our story. We decided to schedule a photoshoot with our amazing wedding photographer, Emily Boone, and take a second round of engagement photos. We've been in a bit of a wedding planning holding pattern, so we thought this would be a great way to kick off our excitement and get back into planning mode. We selected the perfect outfits, I got my hair and makeup done, and we planned to get some photos at various landmarks around our city.

There was a slight chance of rain in the forecast, but as the day continued on the chances kept going down so we were feeling very confident. However, when we all met up right before 6pm, which would have been the start of our outdoor ceremony, it started to downpour. Like clockwork at 6pm on the nose it started hailing and we started to get alerts about flash floods in the area. If we needed a sign that we shouldn't have gotten married that day... that was it. Surprisingly, this turned into the exact closure that we needed. We waited for a little while to see if the storm would pass, but as it became clear that it would be raining the rest of the night we decided to make the most of it and get some shots in the rain to capture the memory. The photos ended up turning out better than we could have ever imagined. I'm so glad we were able to document such a meaningful moment in the most beautiful way. I'm now fully ready to get excited about our new date, and even more thankful than ever to be marrying a man that will dance with me through the storms- literally- and truly makes the most of every situation.

Check out Emily's story and perspective on the day, as well as more of our photos on her blog! You can also check out our first round of photos here. Her positive outlook and support through this time has been so encouraging to us. If you're a Texas bride and are looking for a photographer, give her a call. You will NOT be disappointed!!


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