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Wedding Morning Photo List

Before walking down the aisle, many brides choose to spend the morning getting ready with their best girlfriends. If you've decided to have your photographer capture this part of your day, or if you're going to document the day yourself, there are a few must-have shots you will want to make sure you get.

Save this page, print it out, or make a checklist for your photographer so you don't miss capturing any special memories!

  • Detail shots of the room: This day will fly by! Ask your photographer or friends to take photos of the room, mini-bar,

  • Detail shots of dress & accessories: If you've hired a photographer, it's unlikely they won't have these shots on their list already. But if you're capturing memories yourself, take a few moments to take photos of your dress, the bridesmaid dresses, and any accessories you'll be wearing throughout the day. Add flowers or other items to these photos to make them look even more styled. (Tip: Don't forget a pretty hanger for your dress!)

  • Detail shots of getting ready outfits: If you got your girls matching outfits (robes, PJs, etc.) have your photographer capture a few shots of the outfits ahead of time.

  • Popping champagne: Pop the champagne, you're changing your last name! Just be sure not to point the cork at anyone...

  • Cheers with your girlfriends: After popping that champagne, take photos pouring into each glass and the classic "cheers" shot with your girls.

  • The "fake" laughs: Nine times out of ten those fake laugh shots turn into real laughs, and are the perfect photos to capture the joy of the day!

  • Girls in personalized shirts, pajamas and/or robes: If you've gifted your girlfriends a set of pajamas or robes to wear, make sure you get photos of them in their outfits.

  • Getting hair and makeup done: Candid photos getting your hair or makeup done always look so styled and glamorous. If you're doing your own hair or makeup, have someone take photos of you curling your hair, adding bobby pins, applying blush, or touching up your lipstick.

  • Putting on shoes and jewelry: Take your time stepping into your wedding shoes and putting on your jewelry. Capturing these moments can look so elegant!

  • Zipping up dress: Enlist your mom, maid of honor, or bridesmaids to zip you up. These shots are always so sweet and intimate.

  • Shots of everyone: Your morning is going to get busy, but make sure you get photos with everyone! Take shots with each family member and friend, as well as shots of them individually.

  • Props & Poses! Photos on the bed, in the bathroom getting ready, or just hanging around on the couch can turn out so cute! Bonus points for incorporating props such as balloons, gift items, Champagne, coffee mugs, or even personal items that signify your friendship. Carve out a little time to incorporate props and unique poses to have a little fun with it.

  • Photos of any gifts: If you got your friends gifts, or if they got something for you, take a few shots opening the gifts to capture this special memory.

  • Photos opening gifts: Especially if your gift is sentimental, this will be a moment ou don't want to miss!

  • Candids of "down time" moments: When you look back on the morning of your wedding, some of the most special moments will be those quiet down time moments in between the timeline of the day where you were able to just relax and enjoy each other.

  • First Look with our girlfriends: Many couples choose to only do a first look with each other, but why not have a grand reveal to your girls too?

Check out some inspiration from our wedding morning styled shoot...

What photos are on your must-have list?


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