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Finding the Perfect Bridal Suite

If you're planning to get ready in a hotel the day of your wedding, finding the perfect space is a must! Read on for my top recommendations on features to consider when selecting your bridal suite:

  • Location: When selecting your hotel, consider the proximity to your venue, the after party, and where the rest of your guests will be staying.

  • Hooks: Make sure there are plenty of hooks so you can display your dress! You'll want to take a lot of detail shots before the big day, so a way to display your dress is a must.

  • Lighting: Ensure your bridal suite has a lot of windows to let in natural light. This will help your photographer capture the most stunning images.

  • Mirrors: Not only will you want to have enough space for everyone to get ready, you'll also want to use the mirrors to take a few photos getting ready so a full length mirror is essential. If your room doesn't have multiple mirrors, consider bringing your own, just in case.

  • Outlets: Make sure you have enough electrical outlets for everything you'll need to have plugged in. Consider phones, speakers, laptops, curling irons, blow dryers, and steamers. Bring a surge protector if needed.

  • Aesthetics: What vibe are you going for on your wedding day? Classic, modern, romantic, girly? Consider how you want your day to feel, and choose a room with a corresponding aesthetic.

  • Hospitality: Sure, a pretty room is great, but look for a hotel that truly goes the extra mile to help you feel comfortable and special!

  • Closet space: You're going to be bringing a lot of stuff into your bridal suite, make sure there's room to store it away to keep the space clean. You'll also want to be sure there is room to hang all of your dresses and outfits so they don't get wrinkled.

  • Seating: Consider the number of people that will be in your bridal suite. Make sure there's enough seating for everyone to feel comfortable. If you're going to be getting your hair and makeup done too, create separate areas for each stylist to set up.

  • Ask about THE bridal suite: Many hotels have an actual suite dedicated for brides. Inquire if your hotel has this option!

If you're in the Austin area, the bridal suite at the Stephen F. Austin Royal Sonesta is absolutely incredible and perfect for brides looking for a romantic, girly vibe. Not only is it absolutely gorgeous, with a light cream-based color scheme, but it's functional as well. I stayed at the Stephen F. Austin Royal Sonesta while putting together a styled photoshoot, so I initially chose the room based on aesthetics alone; but once inside I noticed how perfect it would be for brides on their actual wedding day. Here are a few photos from our shoot to inspire you as you look for the bridal suite of your dreams:

The Stephen F. Austin Royal Sonesta bridal suite features a large seating area, bedroom area separated by large sliding doors, two bathrooms, multiple mirrored counter spaces, ample space to set up a mini-bar or gift area, thoughtfully placed hooks to display your gown, large closet, more than enough electrical outlets, and a stunning master bathroom, complete with a grand bathtub. Their team could not have been more accommodating and sent us up champagne, sandwiches, snacks, and a dessert plate to make our stay complete.

This post was not sponsored in any by the Stephen F. Austin or Royal Sonesta. All opinions are unbiased, and my own. A huge thank you goes out to the Stephen F. Austin Royal Sonesta for their hospitality throughout our shoot. To book your stay, give them a call at (512) 457-8800. Additional thanks to Emily Boone Photography, Melange Bridal, Birdy Grey, Lucky Maiden, Milla Nova, and Towne Park for making our shoot possible.


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