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Bridal Shower Decor Inspo

This past weekend was my soon-to-be sister in law's bridal shower, and it was everything that Pinterest dreams are made of! Her mother curated the entire event, and put the most thoughtful touches into the day. If you're in need of some shower inspiration, here are a few of my favorite details to get you started.

  • Theme or dress code: Consider setting a dress code to add a cohesive element to the day! This weekend all of the guests were asked to wear pink, while the bride wore a gorgeous white ruffle dress.

  • Florals: All of the florals were absolutely stunning. From the small table arrangements to the florals nestled in ice cream cones at the candy bar, the attention to detail and floral design was incredible.

  • Umbrella decor: Keeping with the "shower" theme, umbrellas were incorporated in a variety of different ways. Many of the cocktail tables featured small pink umbrellas and her mother used larger umbrellas to create gorgeous chandelier-style floral arrangements.

  • Pool Floats:If you're lucky enough to have a pool deck background, bridal themed floats are a great addition. Ours featured two wedding rings, a heart, a bottle of rose, and a love swan.

  • Build Your Own Bouquets: I'd never seen this before at a shower and thought it was absolutely perfect! All guests were able to put together their own bouquet. A variety of different flowers and greenery were provided, along with an endless supply of craft supplies.

  • Candy Bar and Personalized Sweet Treats: What's a party without some sweet treats? After dinner guests could choose between cake, cake pops, ice cream, cookies, macarons, and a custom candy bar.

  • Newlywed Games: Later in the evening it was time for games! The Maid of Honor put together a few Newlywed-style games; one for the guests to play and one for the bride and groom to test how well they know each other.

  • Favors: Last, but not least, each guest took home a small bottle of Prosecco with the label "thanks for popping by!" as well as a beautiful flower and bag of seeds so we could plant our own and "let love grow!"

These are just a few of the touches that I loved the most, but my descriptions don't even do it justice. The entire set up was incredible, and the celebrating my soon-to-be sister and spending time with her family was so special. Check out a few of my favorite snapshots from the day:

What decor elements are you planning to incorporate into your shower?


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