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The Bachelorette 5K

By now you've probably seen or been invited to a virtual engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette happy hour, or maybe even a wedding; but you probably haven't heard about the Bachelorette 5K. We came across the Bachelorette 5K on Instagram, and thought this would be a really fun event for everyone to do together. We had to cancel our original bachelorette party plans a few weeks back, so everyone was on board for having some type of celebration together, even from a distance. We planned to all sign up for the Bachelorette 5K and then get together for a mimosa toast over Zoom so everyone could get together and celebrate after their race.

To make the day a little more fun, I put together a movie that featured a slideshow of photos for each friend, and a song or two that had meaning to our friendship. I loved putting it together and it was so much fun to reflect back on old photos and reminisce on old and new memories. I shared the playlist as an audio file before the race so everyone could listen to it as they ran, along with a hint for each person's song. On race day I met up with a few of my local girlfriends so we could run together- from a responsible distance of course. Throughout the morning the girls who were running from afar finished their races and the local crew came back to our house to Zoom everyone from a distance in my backyard. What I didn't know, is they had been planning the sweetest surprise. They enlisted my fiancé for help decorating, sent gifts, created movies, and threw me the best virtual bachelorette celebration. Many of my girlfriends haven't had a chance to meet each other, so having all of my favorite people "there" together and having them meet each other felt so amazing. It truly was the most special day and I felt so loved!

About the Bachelorette 5K: The Bachelorette 5K is a virtual 5K, which means that you and your bride tribe can run (or walk) 3.1 miles together, even from across the country. You can all choose to run on the same date, or complete the race at any point before a date you choose. When you sign up, you're sent a bachelorette-themed shirt or tank top of your choice, race bib, and even a diamond ring finisher medal that doubles as a bottle opener so you can get the party started! If you're looking for the perfect athletic pieces to complement your race day look, check out my recent post, Sweating for the Wedding: Spring Edition, for some outfit inspiration.

Want to join in the fun? Sign up HERE!

Disclaimer: This post was in no way sponsored by the Bachelorette 5K.


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